4 Reasons to pick Hand tools over Power Tools

Every worker comes across a variety of equipment that they may or may not use. Since these days there are plenty of advanced tools made available, do you often find yourself in a dilemma trying to choose between the hand tools and the power equipment?

If you want to establish yourself as someone who provides quality services, you must be capable of figuring out what tool is best-suited for a particular task. Although power tools are made to cope up with the industrial needs of today, you just cannot entirely rely on them.

Besides, even today with the markets full of high tech tools, basic hand tools like tile spacers are very convenient. However, in case you are not quite acquainted with the benefits of using the hand tools you can go through the below-given points:

Better Quality in using Hand Tools

Many people believe that working with a power tool brings uncomparable results, which isn’t always true. It will surely help you get over with the task sooner but there won’t be anything that makes your product unique than other workers. On the other hand, for a job such a woodworking, it is preferred to use hand tools as much as possible.

The reason being is when you use the electric run tools you are restricted and there isn’t much scope for you to use your creativity. Plus, hand tools allow an individual to be more precise when giving the finishing touches. With these tools, you can think and act on different ideas which eventually becomes the difference between any two products.

Hand Tools works as per your Time

You can never be certain when you may have to bring in your tools, an urgent need for them can occur anytime. In a situation like this, you cannot depend on the power equipment every time simply because there is always a risk of power cut. And if your tool is not cordless you will have to look for a socket as well.

One doesn’t have to worry about any external factor with hand tools like when you are cutting wood with an electric saw and the power runs out your work may be delayed which isn’t trouble when you use a hand saw. You can use it whenever you have to and it is easy to carry as there are no additional things.

Peaceful Work Environment

In a job as such, the most essential thing is being focused. As a carpenter, if you are shaping wood to a certain shape, you have to do it very carefully for which you should be completely focused. You must steer clear from any type of chaos or loud noises that can cause distractions. Which is also a reason why you should go for the hand tools.

At your workplace, you must maintain peace around like when you have to slit glasses, you can do it with a glass cutter instead of a bulky power tool. That way there is no harsh sound to create any disturbances and you can finish off your work as well.

Hand Tools are Comparatively Safer

Well, no doubt working with the equipment are always risky but it is up to the tool users to what extent they can avoid any harm. Another thing that makes hand tools a better choice than power tools is the fact that these are safer. When using power equipment, you can follow the mentioned safety guidelines but still, one small mistake can be very costly.

Whereas, the chances of accidents with hand tools are very less. Even if perchance, a casualty takes place the damage done won’t be too big as compared to what a power tool can do. It is also important to obtain good outcomes as when you work without fear you can perform better than usual.


For any work, you can achieve perfection only when it’s done in the right balance. Hand tools like bolt cutter, screwdrivers, etc are bigger assets for a tradesman than any new equipment. By exploring the article you can learn why choosing the hand tools is a smart option. You can shop at SupplyVan for all traditional and latest hand tools.

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