5 DIY Hand Tools That Can Help You Become More Creative

DIY Hand Tools for Home and Office Use?

It is an abbreviation for ‘Do It Yourself.’ it refers to repairing, modifying or building things using raw, hand tools or semi-raw materials without the help of any experts or professionals. DIY’s are quite popular on social media and the internet and are performed by various people. They are a great means of earning money as well.

Advantages of DIY using Hand Tools

DIY’s are becoming a popular leisure activity as well as business for a lot of people because of the many advantages that it has to offer. Some of the advantages of DIY’s are,

  • DIYs don’t cost you much. You can create anything in a budget.
  • It is very fun-filled and satisfactory. It is the perfect activity for killing your free time.
  • There is always a scope for learning something new.
  • You can make use of waste items and make something good.
  • It helps in sharpening your brain and enhancing creativity.
  • You can earn money from them.

What are hand tools for DIY?

Hand tools are the tools used in DIY that require no power source. These are simple tools that are powered by the hand itself. Good hand tools play a major role in the making of a proper DIY and help you work effectively and smartly as well. Having a good DIY toolbox is really helpful in saving your money for a long time. So, you should always set a budget for DIY tools and buy them for completing your tool-set.

5 creative hand tools for DIY and their uses

Among the many DIY tools that you are thinking about buying, there are a few that you should definitely have. Here is a list of 5 DIY hand tools that are a must for you to own.

  • Hammer

We all are definitely aware of what a hammer is. It is used to drive nails into a material. It can also be used to take take the nails out or whack and break something and is a very basic tool that you must definitely possess.

  • Screwdriver

Almost everything is fixed using screws. So, whenever you need to repair, build or mold something, screwdrivers that the ultimate tools that you need to remove the screws and put them back again whenever you want. You can either go for buying a set of screwdrivers or get a single multi-bit screwdriver instead.

  • Handsaw

A handsaw consists of a toothed cutting blade attached to a handle. It is very useful in making quick cuts and is really simple to use. So, if you want to make a little wooden toolbox for yourself, get a handsaw now.

  • Knife

No matter what you do, there will always be some scope for a knife to be used. Every project needs cutting and scraping to be done during the process. So, you definitely need a knife. You can either go for a utility knife or putty knife.

  • Pliers

Grabbing and turning things is so much difficult with your bare hands. And that is where pliers come into action. They can hold, pull, bend, twist or undo. Just use them anywhere and the task will get done smoothly.

Benefits of using hand tools for DIY

Using hand tools while making DIYs is a definite must. It is something that can definitely not be compromised with. No matter you use ten tools or just one, there is no scope of DIYs without the application of hand tools during the process. Some of the benefits that using hand tools for DIY has to offer are,

  • You can be sure of working fine and precise.
  • You do not need to depend on power or fuel.
  • They are very easily available and portable as well.
  • You can cut your time and cost.
  • They can get the work done without applying much energy and effort.

Safety precautions while using hand tools for DIY

DIYs are good but not at the compromise of your safety. You must always make sure that they do not hurt you so that you can have loads of fun without worrying. Here are a few safety precautions that you need to take while using hand tools during DIYs.

  • Cover all the sharp tools properly and do not ever put them in your pockets.
  • Do not use worn, damaged or defective tools.
  • Do not tag sharp points towards a person while handling them a tool.
  • Do not use a tool with cracked or split handle.
  • Do not throw tools around ever.
  • Maintain your tools well.
  • Wear a protective covering such as eye mask or gloves whenever it seems necessary.


Tools have made our lives really easy and are very helpful in all areas. In the case of hand tools, you don’t even need to be an expert who knows the how’s of using them. Just with a little bit of caution, you can easily get any task done without any issues. With our lives getting busier with each passing day, tools are a total blessing that has helped in changing our lives by decreasing out time consumption and efforts for a lot of tasks to be done and producing great results along with it.

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