A Plumber’s Guide to Basic Plumbing Valves

As a plumber, are you aware of all the tools and accessories that are used in your field? For any good worker, it is essential to have complete knowledge about the requirements of your field.

There are a variety of accessories used in plumbing and even if you have been in the business for a long time, there is always a chance that you can learn something more. For instance, do you know what a plumbing valve is?

A valve is a device that controls the flow of water or any fluid. Numerous types of plumbing valves are used at various facilities. For a plumber, it is a commonly used accessory and therefore, one must know about its types.

However, those of you who don’t know about the types can go through the following points:

Gate Valve

In these types of valves, there is a gate inside which is lowered and raised so that the water can flow. It has a rotational knob attached to it that does the controlling. The sole purpose of a gate valve is to run open water.

These are not used in places where the flow of water requires adjustment. The twisting knobs are built in such a way that it allows free- flowing of water. They have more industrial purposes and are therefore rarely installed at home.

Ball Valve

A ball valve is the most popularly used valve type. The reason why most people have already heard about it is that these are used in households for managing running water. The water is controlled through a handle fixed to a ball that is responsible for blocking the passage.

The water stops passing through when the handle is at 90 degrees to the ground. These are connected to the water tanks at home and since these are set parallel to the ground for the water to flow, it is easier to determine whether the water is flowing or not.

Pressure Reducing Valve

A pressure reducing valve has the capability of reducing a high pressured flow of water to a steady run. When the water flows the pipe, this valve cuts down its path and only allows the sufficient stream of water to pass by. Pressure reducing valves are very helpful in keeping the water pipes from damaging for a very long time.

These have a circular body and are of 2 major kinds. One is the most frequently used type among the two called direct-acting valve which has a simpler mechanism and straight away responds to a high-pressure flow of water. The other is the pilot-operated valve which comes with a second regulator that ensures more accuracy.

Angle Valve

These valves come with a globe valve design. An angle valve differs from the others because the outlet opening for these valves is at a right angle from its inlet opening. At home, a person will generally find these valves in the washroom and washbasins.

Most plumbers prefer to use one of these valves for water connection in these places as its angle prevents cavitation which is defined as the sudden changes in the water speed that leads to the formation of tiny bubbles. The irregularity in these vapor bubbles causes high pressure which can further damage the metal.

Check Valve

Have you heard of the Check valve before? If not you may know it as a non-return valve. Unlike the other valves that simply maintains the flow of water, a check valve is specially designed to make the water flow in a particular direction. It makes sure that the water doesn’t go to the other side.

There are various types of check valves available in the market. Each type of non-return valves uses different sorts of designs. Ball check valve, lift and in-line valve, stop-check, top-hinged, tilting disk, and dual plate valves are some of the major check valve types.


Now that you are familiar with different types of plumbing valves, you should also know that the valves mentioned in the points above include every basic domestic and industry used plumbing valves. You can shop for any of these along with other plumbing tools on SupplyVan.

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