A Tradesman’s Guide To Buying Hand Tools

The human body is a wonderful creation of nature. Especially hands of humans help them accomplish dexterous, delicate, and tough jobs with ease. Humans have developed some great tools to assist their hands while working on different tasks. Hand tools are those that need the power of the hand for their performance.

Hand tools are applied in some most common tasks like hammering, cutting, pruning, cleaning, screwing, crimping and others. When we talk of hand tools, we refer to those that use the power from human hands and not the power of a motor. There are diverse kinds of hand tools that will aid different types of trades and jobs.

Types of hand tools

We can mention two categories while talking about hand tools namely indoor and outdoor tools. Some of the hand tools can be used both indoors and outdoors. The most common list of indoor hand tools will include pliers of different kinds, screwdrivers, saw (hand saw or panel saw), drills, hammers, snips and shears, measuring tapes, clamps, files, spanner, wire crimping tool, electric wire stripper, and wrench. Some of the most commonly used outdoor hand tools are a rake, pruning shears, garden fork, and shovels.

Why buying the right tools is important

Hand tools come in handy to accomplish a variety of tasks across different categories of jobs. Equipping yourself with the right set of hand tools like a locking c-clamp will mean taking the sure step to getting your jobs well done. While hand tools do not require a heavy budget as power tools would do, it is nevertheless important that you procure good quality hand tools or crimping tool dies from top brands.

Branded hand tools like a branded hydraulic pipe bender, for instance, will work efficiently and smoothly and can help reduce the manual effort on your part. Here is a comprehensive guide to tradesmen for buying the right set of hand tools.

What to know before investing in hand tools

The nature of every trade is different. Depending on your trade and the style of your working, you might need a given portfolio of hand tools. There are a few things to consider before investing in hand tools. Decide why you are buying a given tool and on what kinds of jobs you will use it. Are you looking for one-time use or would you use it on a professional job site work? The type of project you have at hand and the frequency of using the tool will help decide whether you can do away with a store brand or will you need to invest in a deluxe brand for your given hand tool need.

Once you have figured out the answers to these questions, make a list of hand tools that your trade will need and then set out to look for the right options in front of you. Thus a systematic approach to buying hand tools will help equip yourself with the best hand tools portfolio.

Do not overlook the importance of a guarantee

Any company can advertise in tall terms about the advantages and benefits of their products over those of its competitors. But know that the contents of most advertisements these days are just a puff of hot air. Good products are distinguished by the warranty and guarantee they carry. Companies that are sure about the quality of their products are never afraid of compensating the buyers in the event a replacement or repair is needed on the tool they supplied.

Make the best use of your senses to choose the right tools

The three factors that will guide the choice of your hand tools will be feel, deal, and visual appeal. Examine the tool that you will want to choose. Allow a free play of your senses of touch and feel on them. Also, use your common sense and professional knowledge of the hand tool to make the right judgment.

In most cases, it is possible to judge the quality and life expectancy of a hand tool by just looking and feeling them. Quality tools always have weight. They come with proper packing and not just wrapped in some plastic bubble sheet. Quality hand tools can make an impression when you hold them in your hand.

Most times you get what you pay for

It is important to reflect on the fact that you will get what you are paying for. Quality hand tools always carry a little higher price tag. And they are worth the money you invest in them in terms of efficient working, precise results, and reducing your effort. What you must decide is which price range will be the best fit for your specific needs. Know the goals you want to achieve with your hand tools and then let this understanding guide the budget you will invest in them.

Safety must be your top criteria

While choosing the hand tools, never forget to look at the safety aspects in built-in them. Closely inspect the tools for any defects. Always ensure you buy the hand tools that come with protective cover especially when you deal with the sharp-edged ones. Never use a tool for a purpose other than the intended one. This can ruin the outcome of the job and also can pose safety risks.

Final Word

While you take care of various aspects of these tools while handling and using them for various kinds of jobs, it is also important to make sure you buy them from a reliable source that provide quality and durable products. SupplyVan.com is one such name that you can rely on. So, go ahead and make your purchase as you get ready to try your hands of some hand tools.

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