Common Safety Gears for Construction Workers

For any worker, regardless of what industry he works in, the number one concern should always be safety. There are various workplaces where an individual is under constant threat of getting harmed.

Based on the field of work, these potential threats can be, impact with heavy materials, chemical reactions, respiratory issues, and so on. That is why it is always suggested to the workers to take precautions and be fully equipped with necessary safety gears.

Each industry possesses unique dangers to its workers, therefore, one must be aware of the right equipment to use and when. Once you know it, you can easily shop for different safety items such as helmets, boots, and safety goggles in the UAE.

Out of all, a construction site is among the most risky places to work at. If you want to learn about the safety wear for construction workers, you can go through the below-given points:

Safety Helmets

One thing that you will always find at a construction site is a board that says wear helmet. Safety helmets are essential because at such places heavy objects are being carried here and there all the time which can fall on your head.

These helmets cover your head and the side portions. It is made of strong materials and are designed specifically to protect your head from any possible injury. At many places, it is mandatory to wear a helmet so that the worker’s safety from falling objects or any sudden accident is ensured.

Safety Reflective Vests

Along with the helmets, another vital equipment is the safety jacket. Construction work involves the use of big machinery for breaking and moving rocks and other things that can cause harm to the person using it. The main feature of these fluorescent jackets is that it comes with reflective straps.

The purpose of this is to increase visibility, especially during the night time so that it is easier to locate a person from a distance. In case, you are working on the roadside, these reflective straps will help the vehicles passing by to notice the workers and be careful. Besides, it doesn’t cause any discomfort to the workers.

Protective Gloves

Protective gloves might not be as popular as other safety items at a construction site but it is equally important to wear them. Many workers prefer working barehand thinking that it won’t be a problem which isn’t true.

These workplaces are filled with sharp objects that can cause bruises or you may lay your hands on something that can cause a reaction to your skin. Wearing safety gloves during work hours is just another way to be cautious. Varied gloves are designed to meet different industrial needs. You just have to get the one that suits your requirements.

Safety Goggles

You should always take good care of your eyes as it is one of the most sensitive body parts. When you keep a pair of safety goggles every time you go to work, you protect your eyes from the dust and harmful substances that can affect your eyesight. Some of these goggles are anti-fog with better vision so that you can carry on with your work without any disruption.

Unlike other workplace hazards, not wearing safety goggles may not have instant effect but can surely do some serious long-term damage. Therefore, whenever you are working make sure your eyes are covered.

Safety Harness

Safety Harness is such equipment that prevents a worker from falling while working at height. The harness is attached to a heavy object from one side so that in case the person slips, the safety harness can save him from falling.

Under construction areas are accident-prone areas and working in the air makes it even more dangerous. So if you are facilitated with something for your security, you should use it. Although, before putting on the harness, always check that it is not torn from anywhere.


The following protective gears are only for a particular industry. However, if you are working in some other industry, you must find and purchase the safety product for that work as well. You shouldn’t delay in such things. For a convenient shopping time, you can visit SupplyVan, where you can shop for numerous safety equipment.

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