Commonly Used Industrial Scales and Balances

In case, you are planning to purchase industrial balances, you first need to understand its types and what is that you want to weigh. The prime reason for gathering a little background knowledge about it is that there are different types of balances available in the market.

Each of these scales provide measurements for varied kinds of objects that differ from each other in various aspects such as size and shape, therefore, you cannot just shop for any weighing balance in UAE. As a customer, you have to be familiar with the scales and balances so that you can figure out which one is the best suited for your weighing needs.

Although, it can be pretty challenging especially for someone who doesn’t know much about scales and balances. Which is why you must check out the below-listed points that consists of a few popularly used weighing scales:

Price Computing Scale

As the name suggests, these scales are used to calculate the price of an item depending on its weight. It is mostly used by owners of small shops and stalls. A price computing scale, also known as a retail scale operates on battery. This scale is not just accurate but is also very fast with calculations. The value derived is displayed on the machine in a small screen digitally.

Analytical Balance

While going through scales and balances in UAE, you might have come across an analytical balance. Unlike the other scales, it is a very sensitive instrument that is used in chemical laboratories or at pharmacies to carry out highly precise measurements.

It can give the value of an object up to 4 decimal points. This balance has a weighing chamber around the weight that prevents any external disturbances such as air currents. It is specifically designed to only weigh small objects.

Platform Scale

A Platform Scale is yet another frequently used industrial scale. It has a stronger and wider space to keep the weighing object. If your industry demands weighing heavy and bulky things then the platform scale is a perfect choice. These stainless steel made scales require minimum maintenance and can b easily cleaned. The key advantage of using this measuring scale is that you can use it for both checking weights and counting. To buy a platform scale you can visit Supplyvan.

Crane Scale

A Crane Scale has a unique way of measuring weights. Where the other scales keep the object over it, this scale hangs it on a hook. It is a very efficient option for warehouse workers as you can transport the load from one place to another and note down its weight at the same time.

When the load is hooked to the scale, the amount of force that the scale exerts tells gives you the right weight. By using a crane scale to move around the load initially, you can also find out whether or not the ordinary cranes can handle the weight. You can find Crane scales on by visiting this page.

Portion Scale

Those of you who want a scale for sectioning different things can buy the portion scale. These can be often seen in various workplaces like metal, construction, and food industries. They aren’t capable of supporting heavy objects since it only portions light objects. You can use a portion scale to find out the weight of tiny materials like food ingredients. With the help of a portion scale, you can speed up your portioning procedure and be precise as well. Get your own portion scale by clicking here.

Compact Scale

This weighing scale is pretty common almost everywhere. These battery-run scales are small in size and lightweight which makes it easier to take it with you whenever you need it. You can find these scales in research labs and kitchens, etc. The compact scale is more flexible than other scales because you can use it for simple weighing and high-precise measurement. These are very effective for measuring the same type of materials at multiple locations. You can find compact scales in various categories at


There are many other weighing scales and balances that provide customers with weights of numerous kinds of products that aren’t mentioned above. You should analyze what you need to weight and which balance will give you the most accurate value. You can visit if you want to buy one of these industrial weighing scales.

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