“Goods That Are Made In China Are Fake”

We sometimes get complaints from customers that the Branded and Original products that they have ordered from us at SupplyVan.com are fake as they are Made in China, irrespective of the Origin of the Brand. One such customer had left a review on our website which I addressed personally.

Sharing the email below to put our customer’s concerns at rest.


Firstly, thank you for placing your orders with us and trusting us. Let me add that your trust in us is not misplaced.
I am writing to you with regards to your review you left on our website SupplyVan.com with regards to your purchase of “Stanley Cordless Compact Hammer Drill” and understand that you feel cheated as the product is Made in China and that it is a fake product by virtue of its origin.
Let me first assure you that we at SupplyVan.com sell only Original Products. The product that has been sold to you is an Original Stanley product and the same goes for the Makita Angle Grinder. If you wish, you can get it checked at any Stanley or Makita Distributor in UAE.
As for your concern about it being made in China, we do not show the country of manufacture of the products listed as many at times we don’t know where the material is originating from unless we check individually for each product which is not possible. We only show “Country of Brand Origin” – simply meaning the origin of the brand, Stanley is an American Brand, Makita is a Japanese Brand. Stanley and Makita as you know are very large and reputed manufacturers with manufacturing plants all over the world and sometimes we get European/American or other origin manufactured products and sometimes we get Chinese manufactured products depending on the brand and the product. The manufacturing origin of the product depends on the location it is being sold (UAE in this case) due to logistic and costing issues which we as resellers have no control over or choice and its the manufacturers decision to decide where the products to UAE should come from for whatever reason they might have.
Now, just because it is ‘Made in China’ does not mean the product is fake. Your Apple iPhone is an American Brand but it is Made in China. Would you call it fake too sir?
It is up to the customer to trust the brand based on its reputation to know that they will maintain the quality standards that is expected from them, irrespective of which part of the world they are made in and it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to uphold that trust a customer has placed in them.
Having said that, for your peace of mind, we offer 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects for your purchase which is standard for all Power Tools (unless explicitly specified). If there are any other issues or if an incorrect product has been delivered to you, we are at your service to sort it out for you.
Hence, please be rest assured that your products are Original.
Assuring you of our best services at all times.
Ali Asgar Raja
CEO – SupplyVan.com

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