Interiors & Indoor Lighting for Home and Corporate Offices

Introduction to Lighting

Lighting is the process of using lights for the illumination of an area. Instead of simply putting up lights, lighting involves arranging the lights in a way to produce an aesthetic effect. The lights are usually placed in such a way that they seem pleasing to the eye along with fulfilling their purpose.

Different Types of lights for Lighting Uses

For the purpose of lighting, two different types of lights are made use of.

  • Natural

The natural light is the sunlight. Usually, all the buildings, homes and offices are constructed in such a way that they can make full use of the daylight. It helps them save on the lighting costs and gets the work done as well. Moreover, the interior looks beautiful with the light coming in from the windows or skylights.

  • Artificial

The artificial lights are what put the actual creativity of a person into use. You can customize them in whatever way you want. Most of the lights that we use at our home are artificial in nature. They are available in a lot of variety, colors, shapes, and sizes and are suitable for almost all needs. CFLs, bulbs, LED lights etc. all come under artificial lights.

Methods of lighting

Lighting is also an art which has to be done in a specific manner to bring out the desired results. Lighting is mainly done using three methods.

  • Downlighting

This method is the most commonly used one in lighting offices as well as homes. The light sources are placed above on the ceilings or high on the walls and this method is quite easy to design.

  • Uplighting

The uplighting method is used to light up from below. It is not commonly used but is gaining popularity because of the beautiful ambiance that it creates. T offers minimal glare and shadow-free, diffused light effects.

  • Front lighting

Lighting from the front side is quite common. But the subject in focus will appear to be a bit flat due to the lack of shadows. Backlighting is also popular and is used to create an eccentric effect.

Types of lighting

Lighting is mainly classified into two different types.

  • Indoor lighting

It involves lighting the insides of a four wall. Indoor lighting is a very basic necessity for all. But in actual, it involves a lot of creativity and a sense of aesthetics.

  • Outdoor lighting

When the lighting is done in the open outside four walls, it is known as outdoor lighting. This is usually done for festivals, functions or events and involves huge bright lights.

Indoor and office lights requirement

While lighting any area, it is very important to make sure that all your requirements are getting fulfilled. Otherwise, it is of no use how much you spend on them. Some of the reasons for the requirements of indoor and office lights are as follows.

  • Visibility

Light is the basic necessity for us to see. So, it is quite obvious that we need it to increase our visibility. While in the office or at home, things can get really tough for us if there are no lights. Especially during the night, no work can ever be done without lights.

  • Aesthetic

Indoor lighting at home and offices is especially required to increase the aesthetic value of the place. A proper combination of lighting can make the area look very spacious and beautiful. It will look attractive which will create a good impression of your home or office in the minds of the people.

  • Purpose

Lighting is basically used to serve the purpose that is required of it. The purpose is mostly visibility but can be something different as well. At times, home lighting is required to shine brightly for a party whereas, at other times, it is just required to be dark and soothing to set the mood. So, light always has a purpose to fulfill.

  • Highlighting

Lighting can highlight any nook and corner of your home or workplace that you wish to show the world. It may be a beautiful piece of furniture that you recently bought or just a simple photo frame, you can make it all stand out with lights.

Uses and applications of different type of lights

A lot of variety is available for lighting and you can choose what you like or need out of them. Here are the most common lights and how they can be used.

  • Recessed Lights

These lights are mostly installed above the ceilings of bedroom, kitchen or living room. They help in ambiance or accent lighting.

  • Track Lights

They are mounted or suspended from the ceiling and consists of several light heads that can be positioned at any place or direction along a track. They are mostly decorative rather than task oriented.

  • Under-Cabinet Lights

As is suggested by the name, these lights are installed under the cabinet. These lights can form a dim ambiance for your kitchen or room when not in use.

  • Pendants

The pendants hang suspended from the ceiling and can help you direct the light downwards. So, they are mostly used above table tops.

  • Chandeliers

The chandeliers are huge decorative light pieces that are usually installed in the living room. They look really beautiful and grand.

  • Wall Sconces

These light are usually fixed somewhere on the wall. They direct light upwards as well as downwards. They are used to give a stylish look to your home.

  • Ceiling Lights

These lights are directly mounted on the ceilings and are most commonly used in the home as well as offices. They provide a wider range of diffused light.

  • Desk Lamps

The desk lamps have been used for decades. They are available in many designs and sizes to help you direct light to something and read well at night.


Lighting finds application in almost every area of our lives. So, choosing lights that look as well as work beautifully is a must. has a lot of good quality lights that are affordable and excellent to suit all your needs. Enhance the beauty of your home with lighting and let the world stare in awe.

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