Jigsaws: Why and How to Use it?

As a handyman, you must be well aware of the tools that are the most important for the type of work they are into such as power saws. These are one of those tools that play a huge role in a variety of industries.

It has various types and each of them has some distinctive features than others. One of its types, that is quite popular is the jigsaws. Just like any other saw, it is also used for cutting purposes. You can use this to cut materials into any desirable shape and size. It may not seem like a tool that is an extreme necessity to have, but its versatility does make you think twice.

In case, you are planning to buy a jigsaw and want to know more about it, here are some of the basic things about the equipment that you should know about.

Where to Use Jigsaw?

A jigsaw provides benefits to its users for numerous tasks. Some of which are mentioned below:

  • The most common jigsaw tool uses is cutting wood. Whenever you are working with woods trying to cut it smoothly into complex shapes, there is no better equipment than a jigsaw. You just have to place the saw over the material and guide it through starting outside of the line and then to the inside corners.
  • Further, you can also use it for cutting the countertop edges. Although a circular saw has always been an ideal choice, a jigsaw can provide you more perfection. You can fit in a jigsaw at narrow spaces where any other saw won’t go.
  • Cutting tiles with tools like tile nippers and ceramic rod takes a lot of time and causes breakage too. You can avoid it with the help of a jigsaw. While cutting tiles makes sure that you hold it down firmly and apply water on it frequently to lubricate the jigsaw blades.
  • Lastly, you can use a jigsaw to cut carpets as well. Given that it helps the users to make more precise cuts than scissors and blades. Not just carpets, but you can use it for cutting polystyrene, leather, and cardboards too.

How to Use Jigsaw?

Before you begin working with a jigsaw, you must follow the below-given steps to ensure that everything is in the right place:

Wear Safety Gear

You should never start working until you are entirely familiar with the safety measures. For that, you can go through the owner’s manual to learn what type of risks are there and prepare yourself accordingly. Common protective equipment includes safety gloves and masks. Always keep the material on a plain surface before cutting it.

Install the Blade

When you are installing the blade, first check that the jigsaw machine is unplugged. After that, you can install the blade. Once it’s done, don’t forget to double-check if the blade is tight enough or not. Never start working if you are doubtful. Fix the blade perfectly and then you can carry out cutting freely. You can shop for jigsaw blades of all lengths online at SupplyVan. Click here and find blades for your jigsaw.

Set the Jigsaw’s Speed

Now, setting the speed of the jigsaw can be pretty tricky, therefore, you need to be very careful. You cannot just leave it at any random number. It should be done based on the type of material and its cutting. For example, if you are going to make straight cuts then you can go faster but for curved cuts, it should be relatively slower.

Basic Tips for Jigsaw Users

  • You should guide your tool to make cuts as per your requirements, however, it doesn’t mean that you barge the jigsaw everywhere. This might either affect its working or damage it completely.
  • Buy the type of jigsaw; that is cordless or corded as per the work you are going to use it for. In case, you will use it for professional work then you should prefer cordless as you don’t know when and where you might need it.
  • Unless you are an expert, you are going to make a lot of mistakes initially, so you must be patient enough to keep trying. The more you work with a jigsaw, the easier it will become for you to use it.

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