Know How to Use a Pipe Vise

A pipe vise is basically a plumbing equipment used to cage or hold a pipe or any type of tubes securely so that it can help cutting the tube or pipe. I can also be used to create thread in a pipe or tube.

A pipe vise is also used in welding applications and many other different type of industrial jobs.

Special Note and Warnings:


  • End of pipes are extremely sharp and it should be handled with care.


  • Do not apply too much pressure to the Copper or Aluminium pipe.
  • Clean with a rag after each use, and apply a light coat oil.
  • Never strike a Vise with a heavy object or try to perform a large work in a small Vise
  • Always keep jaws in good conditions
  • Never oil the swivel base or swivel joint, as this decreases it’s holding power.
  • When there is no use of Vise, the jaws lightly together and leave it’s handle in vertical position. This will help protection of Jaws.

How to Use A Pipe Vise?

The following procedure provides the steps required to fasten a piece of pipe in a hinged jaw pipe Vise:

Step 1:

Open the pipe-holding jaws (1) by turning the threaded T-handle (2)

Step 2:

Lift locking device (3) and open pipe Vise.

Step 3:

Insert section of pipe (4) in Vise and close pipe Vise, by pushing locking device against lip on the side of the lower holding jaw (5).

Insert locking bolt through aligned holes of upper and lower lip jaws. Tighten the pipe holding jaws by turning the threaded T-handle

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