Must-Have Pneumatic Tools for Industry

What are pneumatic tools?

The words pneumatic stands for containing or operated by air. The air that is used is usually in a compressed state. Thus, pneumatic tools are the tools that make use of compressed air in their mechanism to run. The air is supplied by an air compressor. These tools come under the category of power tools. Most of the pneumatic tools use a pneumatic motor to produce work from the compressed air. They can also run on portable compressed carbon dioxide cylinders. They have a higher power to weight ratio than most electric power tools and are thus quite preferred in the industry.

Advantages of using pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are widely popular in the industry and find application in almost every sector because of their air compressors and other unique properties that can get the work done in no time.

Here are a few advantages of using pneumatic tools.

  • These tools can protect you from shocks as no electricity is used.
  • They provide almost double the power of their own weight.
  • They can increase your output productivity.
  • The variable speed options are very user-friendly.
  • They are quite light and easy to handle as well.
  • No batteries or external power source is required.
  • They can work well even in harsh environments.
  • The tool purchase and maintenance costs are quite low.
  • They are very versatile.
  • They do not cause any sort of pollution and use a non-exhaustible source of energy i.e. air.
  • Their work is safe and reliable.
  • They usually have a long life span.
  • Their structure is very simple and easy to use.

What are their applications?

The pneumatic tools are mainly composed of a compressor, reservoir, valves, circuit, and motor. If you just meddle with these components a bit, it will result in an entirely different mechanism that can be used for some job other than the previous one. They can easily perform the work that is done by an electric motor or a hydraulic machine. The Pneumatic vacuum pumps are quite popular. The factory machines in industries make a lot of use of pneumatics as well. The pneumatic factory machines are mostly used to gently pick up and place objects as they can control their force quite well. They also find application in the field of robotics and transportation. But their maximum application lies in the industry only.

The basic pneumatic tools that are must in the industry and their uses

There exist a large number of pneumatic tools in the industry. Here is a list of the most basic of them which are widely used.

  • Drills
    Pneumatic drills are used for the work of boring and fastening.
  • Nail guns
    They can be used for building walls or fastening shingles, woodworks or cabinetry.
  • Pounding tools
    They are used for breaking and pounding hard solid surfaces and in demolition and digging.
  • Screw guns
    Screw guns working on pneumatics have made screwing a lot easier for the workers. Just press the trigger and it’s done.
  • Grinders
    They are used for the cutting, grinding, and polishing of materials.
  • Paint sprayer
    They are much faster than normal paint sprayers and can paint even a large wall real quick.
  • Sanders
    The pneumatic sanders create a forward and backward motion which rub the abrasive paper on the surfaces.
  • Wrenches
    They are mostly used in auto repairing and building works.
  • Hammers
    They can work just like normal hammers but better and faster due to a greater force.
  • Saw
    Pneumatic saws are quite popular for cutting materials in the fabrication industries.

Tips to stay safe while using pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are a really good choice for getting your work done with fewer efforts and more efficiency. But, they have to be used carefully at all times. It is not that they are dangerous. But just like normal tools, precautions should be taken while handling them.

Few tips to stay safe while using pneumatic tools are:

  • Because of being powered by compressed gas, there can be some irregularities in pressure which can cause them to break. So, check the tools properly and ensure that they have the correct pressure fit for your need.
  • Always wear hearing protection so that you can keep your ears safe from the possible damage that can be caused by prolonged exposure to the loud air discharge.
  • Any contaminant in the air will be spread by the discharge. So, make sure that the area is properly ventilated and the tool is not overly oiled.
  • Wear gloves to save yourselves from frostbite during low temperature.
  • If the tool projects the air directly into your hand, it will be better to get it repaired or replaced.
  • Make sure that no live wires come in direct contact with the tool as it can cause shock.
  • Protect the air hose from any damage as it can hurt anybody standing near it if it breaks. Better take care.
  • The particles that the compressed air projects can come to you at a really high speed. So, stay safe by wearing glasses at all times while using pneumatic tools.


Tools have been made by mankind to ease up the efforts and time spent on doing a task and pneumatic tools are possibly the best ones that you can find in the market. They are available at affordable rates, have a long life span and are very convenient to be used in every field. So, you should definitely buy pneumatic tools. You can go for buying them online as various websites on the internet offer great prices and deals on tools. One such website is which has a huge variety of pneumatic tools alongside others in a good price range and top quality. So upgrade your toolbox with pneumatic tools but don’t forget to stay safe.

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