Things To Look For While Buying Cordless Power Tools

Power tools have highly evolved over the years. With a lot of models thronging the market under every power tool topic, it can be often a tough job to choose the right tool that will serve your needs in the best way. Cordless power tools come with several advantages over the corded ones.

Cordless power tools give more freedom to the users and they are light in weight. You need not worry about the availability of power outlets, restricted movements, and the safety hazards associated with the long cords and extension wires.

In case of minor jobs, quick repairs and DIY jobs, cordless models are highly preferred. When you wish to equip your power tools portfolio with a set of cordless tools, here are the things to look for.

Do not invest more than what is just enough for you

When they debuted in the market, cordless tools were quite heavy due to the fact that they had to draw their power from those fat sized nickel-cadmium batteries. With the advancement of technology, the manufacturers of power tools have slimmed down their products since the advent of lithium-ion cells enabled fitting these tools with sleeker and long-lasting batteries.

However, since lithium-ion tools are quite expensive. Hence a number of manufacturers still continue to deliver the same old nickel-cadmium powered tools.

If you feel you are not that much handy or if you will use the power tools only occasionally for hanging a shelf or cutting plywood, nickel-cadmium powered tools must work well for you. These tools weigh more and also take more time to get charged.

Sometimes, the charging time can be as long as 3 hours. But, remember for most of the jobs, you might not require more than the two batteries that the power tools come with. The fact that these are priced lesser must be a valid enough reason for you to invest the right amount in your power tools buying mission.

If your work agenda is over-filled and if you do not mind investing more on your power tools for the added convenience you might get as a result, you can go for lithium-ion battery-powered tools. These batteries will get charged in less than 30 minutes. Their power backup lasts for much longer and they also weigh less.

This will mean your hands will not get tired as quickly. There are options between regular slim packs and the fatties that come with longer life when it comes to Cordless Rotary Tools UAE.

Size is very important to consider

The simple rule of the thumb in understanding power tools is this. The higher the volt, the higher the power. Power tools of higher volts will give you more torque for driving screws or miter sawing. You will also get more speed from them for jigsawing and sanding.

For impact driving, you will need a good hammer action assured by the higher voltage Cordless Hammer Drills. Cordless Screwdriver UAE of this class will let you accomplish the job with more ease. A cordless right angle drill must work fine for you in 12V or 18V.

Nevertheless, unless you are a hard core professional undertaking larger projects to work on, you will not require anything bigger than a good 18V drill which can make you accomplish a big job like framing and deck building comfortably.

Cordless circular saws of 18V come with thinner blades and enhanced flexibility that can let you cut through a lot of plywood. In this case, the thinner nature of the blades accounts for the lesser torque.

At the same time, you must not discount the smaller tools. Outside the scope of circular saws, every tool is available in 12V version. Though these tools might appear a bit girly, they can do a neat job for you across most requirements.

Especially, a Cordless Drill UAE or a cordless rotary hammer drill can be a great performer with 12V batteries. They can let you sink the drywall screws or do some smaller decking jobs easily.

Do not forget that you will need corded tools when you look for miter saws to cut thick lumber. In this case, the consistent power assured by a plug-in tool will come to your aid. The same is the case with hard workers like grinders and reciprocating saws.

Look into the most important aspects without being misled by those trivial extras

It really pays you when you become an addict to researching on power tools. Many manufacturers sell the products both with and without batteries. In this way, when you have bought your first tool with a battery, it is possible for you to go for the second one without batteries to save money.

However, to be able to use the same batteries, you must choose the other products on the same platform. It is, therefore, a good option to buy from the tools portfolio a company can deliver you.

Since the basic functions of the majority of Power Tools do not differ much between companies, it is appropriate that you check the accessories. At the same time, never settle with some undependable ones by falling in love with the trivial extras.

Look for quick change chunk, good LED lighting, or a good belt hook that might help you to operate them easily. Also, remember there is a price for everything you might expect in your tool. Innovative designing, durable materials, and added conveniences always do come with some better price.

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