Type of Generators & It’s Applications

What are Generators and how it works!

Generators are the devices which convert Mechanical energy into Electrical energy. Their working is based on the principle of Faraday law of electromagnetic induction which states that whenever a conductor is placed in a varying magnetic field, EMF is induced which is equal to the rate of change of flux linkages. Generators consist of coils of electric conductors, normally copper wire tightly wound onto a metal core and mounted to turn around inside an exhibit of large magnets.

Application of Generator

As is quite clear for the name, generators are used for generating. They are mostly used to generate electricity. Some of the basic areas where generators find application is,

  • Business

Buying generators for office has been a very common practice since ever. Generators are the perfect assurance that no matter what, you do not have to stop working. You will not be out of power so you can sit back, relax and keep up the good work.

  • Backup

People usually get generators for home as a backup plan to stay safe at all times. There are times when the power gets cut due to bad weather, connection issues etc. Generators are the ultimate saviors during such situations and ensure that your family is safe and never in the dark.

  • Travel

Because of the blessings of science, a lot of portable generators are now available in the market. So, you can carry them on a long trip, to a picnic or when you go camping. Thus, you will always be ‘power’full.

  • Industries

The industrial work can all go to waste in a second if the power goes out. While doing major work like construction and welding, you cannot afford to sit around and waste time waiting for power. So, generators are a must in industries.

Home and Industrial Uses

The main areas of use of the generators are at home and in the industries. So, let us look into them in a bit more detail.

Being the victim of a power cut at home is the worst thing of all. You cannot figure out where you have kept your things. The kids and the old people get disturbed and annoyed which in turn annoys you. You tend to hit your foot once or more with the furniture around the house. And it gets even worse if it is summer season and you cannot run the fans and ACs. If there are rain and storm outside, it gets really scary to stay in the dark. So, better take precautionary measures. Keeping a generator as a backup option in such cases is the best you can do.

While in office, you might have been working on a really important project or talking to a client and suddenly the power goes off and so does your business. A generator can save you from accidental loss of data due to power cuts. Also, you can save your reputation because no client would like to work with someone who goes offline suddenly without warning. So, no need to waste time and energy unnecessarily. Just buy generators online and save the day.

In industries, most of the work is done using electricity. And the work is done from morning to the night and 24*7 in some cases. As such, it is important to make sure that there is a constant source of power to save you extra time and labor cost. Also, some actions on the site may require more power than others which can be easily supplied using a generator.

Different Types of Generators

Generators are mainly classified into two different types.

  • AC Generators

When we refer to generators in our day to day lives, we are mostly talking about this type of generators. These are commonly used for power generation at homes and offices. They are also known as alternators. They work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In these, the electrical current reverses the direction occasionally due to their design in which the north and the south poles of the magnet cause the current to flow in opposite directions.

  • DC Generators

DC generators usually find use in the off-grid applications. They can provide a seamless supply of power into the electric storage devices and DC power grids without using novel equipment. The current flows in one direction only in these generators because the coil through which the current flows is rotating in a fixed field. They are mainly used in the industries and for powering large electric motors like the ones in Subways.

Best to buy

When you buy a generator, you must always make sure that it is of good quality and serves your exact needs. Do not buy a huge DC generator if you need a generator for home electricity backup purposes. It is not only a waste of money but can also pressurize your electric circuits. Moreover, always go for generators that are available with proper user manuals and a warranty perhaps. This will help you in their easy usage and setup and make sure that any early deformities can be taken care of.

The question which usually arises in the minds of people is that where should they buy the generator from. Well, you can consider buying generators online. But make sure that the website is trusted. Buying generator online will help you reading the reviews and making the right choice for yourselves. Also, the online product description usually states the mechanism and the usage which will give you an earlier insight of what you are signing for when you buy that particular generator and how you can handle and operate it. Along with this, the internet offers you much more choices than most of your neighborhood shops and you can choose what you want. Moreover, you will be saved from the trouble of picking it up and transporting it. With online shopping, your generator will arrive exactly at your doorstep and any breakage issue would be the sole responsibility of the website.

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