What You Must Know About Personnel Safety Equipment And Clothing

Personnel protective equipment also abbreviated as PPE refers to protective clothing, goggles, helmets, and other equipment meant to safeguard the wearer’s body from any kind of hazard. The different hazards that protective clothing looks after includes physical, thermal, electrical, chemicals, biological, and airborne particulate matters.

You can wear protective equipment for occupational safety-related to your job, sports, adventure, recreational activities and also for some health purposes. Talking of personnel safety equipment and clothing, we can mention them under two categories namely ‘Protective clothing’ referring to traditional categories of clothing, and ‘protective gear’ meaning items like pads, guards, shields, masks, and others.

The purpose of Personnel Safety Equipment

The principal objective of Personnel protective equipment is to minimize the exposure of the employee’s body to threats when the other engineering and administrative protective measures are not feasible or good enough to reduce the risk to the acceptable levels.

Personnel safety equipment like disposable lab jackets is needed when there is a risk of harm in the working environment so that the safety and health of the employee is not compromised. Although, one of the limitations of the Personnel safety equipment is that it cannot help mitigate the hazard at the source. Hence the employee is most likely to be exposed to the danger in case the equipment fails.

Important Things to note about Personnel Safety Equipment

Any personnel safety equipment or clothing creates a barrier between the wearer and the working environment. Though they can impose an additional strain on the wearer or create some level of discomfort or even affect their ability to work freely, its importance cannot be underestimated. The downsides to wearing the protective clothing and equipment often discourage the employees from using them.

Hence they are used to avoid the risk of injury or ill-health and even death under extreme conditions. Given this fact, the personnel safety equipment must be designed ergonomically to minimize its downsides and make it feel comfortable to the users. In this way, the right making and using protective clothing and equipment can help in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Good Practices in using Personnel Protective Equipment

Hazard controls must be used in the right way to ensure workplace security and avoid situations that pose a serious threat to safety as well as the quality of life of the employees. The hierarchical hazard mitigation controls provide us a policy framework that ranks the various option about hazard control in terms of absolute risk reduction.

On top of this hierarchy, we find elimination and substitution that aim to remove the hazard totally to replace the hazard with a safer alternative. In case the elimination and substitution measures cannot be applied under some given circumstances, engineering controls and administrative controls are implemented to promote safer mechanisms and also coach safer human behavior.

Personnel Protective Equipment and their limitations

One of the serious limitations of personnel safety equipment is that they do not help mitigate the risks at the source. In case the equipment fails, the employee is at the serious risk of exposure to the hazard.

Some examples of Personnel protective equipment include protective clothing, hard hats, earmuffs, disposable lab coats, gloves, face masks, protective eye-wear, and many others. For the personnel safety equipment to protect the workers and to serve its intended purpose, it must be used in the right way.

The scenarios under which Personnel safety equipment must be used

Personnel safety equipment must be used when other feasible control measures are absent. They can also serve as an interim measure until the time more effective ways of controlling the risk are implemented. Personnel safety equipment can also supplement the higher level of control measures as a back-up.

Exclusive conditions that demand the use of Personnel safety equipment

There can be some exclusive requirements for Personnel safety equipment under some conditions like working with harmful substances in some cases where the work involves dealing with asbestos or infectious diseases. Also, the nature of the hazard must be studied well ascertaining what kinds of impacts are expected from them to use protective equipment and clothing like disposable smocks in the right way.

For example, if there are chances that a chemical can be absorbed through the skin and lungs, respiratory as well as skin protection equipment and clothing need to be used.

Final word

The role of personnel safety equipment and clothing is crucial, especially in a hazardous working environment. Having a safe working system in place can ensure the safety and wellness of the employees, more productive and more profits for the business. For buying personnel safety equipment online you can visit SupplyVan.com, a name that you can rely on.

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