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Angle Grinders

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Brand: Black And Decker

Qty: 1 Piece
Was AED222.98

Angle Grinders

The high performance small angle grinder is suitable for cutting metal pipes and bolts etc. it is used for cleaning rust metal work, removing excess weld and mortar raking from between brickwork. It is a very versatile tool as it can grind metal and cut tile. This tool is regularly used by construction workers and contractors. This is a good general purpose grinder, adequate for cutting and grinding most stuff around the home. It has the ability to cut anything. Good quality angle grinders are cheap tools to buy and run. You can pick up a very good model, which will last as long as you own your home. At SupplyVan you will find various Angle Grinder with different features and specifications. With the help of different wheels, an angle grinder can be used to cut, sand, polish and sharpen various materials. It is basically useful for cutting stone, metal or concrete.

The motor of the angle grinders runs at a very high speed so it’s recommended to follow some safety precautions and do read the user’s manual before using the machine. It’s recommended to use proper Safety eye protection, Safety gloves, and industrial Safety shoes to avoid any accident. It’s always suggested to unplug the grinder while changing wheels.

Check out the wide range of Angle Grinders available on SupplyVan. Choose any of the convenient method among Online transactions via Net banking, Debit/Credit Cards or you can also opt for Cash on Delivery. We have popular brand angle grinders like Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, Metabo, Black and Decker, Stanley, Hitachi etc. These are the very fast moving power tool. SupplyVan is your one-stop shop. Browse our wide range of products and select the one which suits your needs. Hurry up and buy angle grinders online at the best price.

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