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Access a new Online
Sales Channel

Sell your products to a massive audience
of customers you might not currently be
reaching. Companies that have
immediately purchase requirements.


Increase product
exposure and Build
Brand Recognition

Benefit from partnering with us,
an established, experienced and trusted
company with a strong market reputation
and ethics.


24x7 Sales Channel

Being an Online Web-store, we are open to
take orders from Clients 24x7x365.


Simplify and scale
your business

We take care of Order Fulfillment,
Payments, Customer Service and Returns.
You can focus on your business while we
take care of the rest.


What we offer


List Unlimited Number of Products


Zero Registration and Listing Fees*


Order and Inventory Management


Order Fulfillment


How it Works


Fulfillment Model



You Pack the Products as per our guidelines and our Shipping Partners pick up the package from your location and deliver it to the Client. Packaging Guidelines will be shared with you by email on successful registration.



We stock your products at our warehouse and manage the complete process of order fulfillment. The most popular and fast moving items can be stocked with us there by reducing your workload and executing faster deliveries to the client. Inventory and Sale reports are provided to you at the end of the month for reconciliation.




Registration Charges


Listing Fees

How do we make money you ask?

SupplyVan Fees (SV Fees) are charged on each order that is executed on SupplyVan. SV Fees are charged as a percentage on the Selling price. A simple way to understand this is that we purchase goods from you at Price CP and sell the goods at Price SP. The difference between Price SP and Price is our SV Fees.

What percentage is charged usually?

Well, that depends on various factors and is discussed during the sign-up process.

What is included in the SupplyVan Fees?

Marketing Expenses

SupplyVan budgets a considerable amount of cash towards Direct Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Programs and marketing through other media, solely at its discretion. This also benefits sales of all products on SupplyVan.

Payment Charges

There are Bank charges and Payment Gateway Charges applicable for each order (dependent on the mode of payment) that will be covered by the SV fees.

Handling and Shipping

Pick up of goods from your location, Packaging (Fulfillment model dependent) and Delivery of goods to the client will be handled by SupplyVan. Delivery Charges if applicable will be charged to the Client.

Customer Service

We will handle Client calls and requests for information, Order Tracking, Customer Complaints and Product Returns

* Supplyvan Fees, Charges, Policies are subject to change at our discretion


Frequently Asked Questions

What about Warranty/Guarantees on products?

Warranty against manufacturing defects, and general performance, replacement and repair warranties/guarantees that comes with the product and is offered by the Vendor on sale by SupplyVan, is offered to the clients. Vendors will be required to enter into an agreement at the time of registration, to honour the same once the sale is made. SupplyVan will handle the communication bit.

Which countries are the products sold to?

Well, at the moment, we ship to U.A.E., Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, you can cancel your registration anytime. Just contact our Vendor Support Team.

How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid vide Direct Bank transfer or Cheque as per agreed payment terms.

What about Returns?

SupplyVan offers a 15 day return policy to its clients for products that are damaged, products that are not as per description and details on the listing or incase the wrong product is sent. We require a 30 day product return support from our Vendors for the aforesaid conditions.

Who will handle installation, maintenance and repairs (all after-sales services)?

SupplyVan is not responsible for Installation, Maintenance and repairs or any after-sales servicing.

How will customer refunds work?

We refund to the client and charge the same to your account.

How should I pack the products?

SupplyVan Packing guidelines will be shared with you once your registration is completed.


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