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Shut-Off Valves

Shut-Off Valves
Shut-Off Valves
You know which is the first step of any plumbing project? It is shutting off the water. It is very important to locate and to turn off the appropriate water shut off valve. The plumbing system has a variety of valves found at various points along with the water pipes which allows you to turn off the water. During any emergencies or when you need to make repairs or upgrades then shut off valves is very much needed.
SupplyVan is your one-stop shop for all types of fittings. Shop from our wide range of collections available. Shut-off valves are designed to provide reliable shutoff over a wide range of service conditions. Shutoff valves often provide a safety function as they are called to stop flow quickly. Shutoff valves are the only way to go as they shut the water off efficiently and they operate quite smoothly.
Types of Water Shut-Off Valves
1. Ball Valve
The 'B10' Type Single Isolating Ball Valve is designed for safe and reliable isolation giving bubble tight shut off. Totally enclosed soft seats offer both positive sealing and low operating torques, from vacuum to high-pressure service. Anti-blow out spindle is fitted as standard with the option of PTFE or Grafoil seals.
• Totally enclosed soft seats giving positive sealing and low torque operation across the pressure range.
• One-piece spindle with anti-blowout shoulder that maintains seal integrity at all pressures
• Precision machined ball for smooth operation through 90 degrees to give straight through bore
• Either PTFE or Grafoil spindle and body seals to give high body integrity.
• 316 stainless steel one-piece handle fitted with twin anti-vibration locknuts.

2. Gate Valves
Kistenmacher Gate Valves are made of WCB and a selection of high-grade materials for highest demands.
• Gate Valve VE250 is a ANSI API600 (Trim 1) standard gate valve, in a rising stem design (OS and Y).
• Flange dimensions comply to ANSI B16.5
• Face-to-face dimensions comply to ANSI B16.10
• The pressure class is ANSI 150#
• Suitable for Air, Oil, Water, Steam and Gasses.
• Working temperature: -29 to 425 Deg. C
• Tested Pressure: 435 psi (Hydrostatic body test), 319 psi (Hydrostatic seat test), 87 psi (Air sealing test).

3. Instrumentation Manifold Valves
Five Way Manifold Valve is designed for direct mounting on differential pressure instruments. The manifold incorporates two process isolation valves, one equalizer valve and two drain/ vent valves in a compact block.
• Standard unit through-out manifold range.
• 316 stainless steel construction.
• Externally adjustable gland.
• Low operating torque.
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