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  • Why the construction industry is booming in Oman and Need for Construction Tools, Hardware Equipment and Machines is going up.

    Whether you believe it or not, construction impacts your life. The environment that people live in is a constructed one like roads, buildings, offices, schools, houses and hospitals are all part of the economy's infrastructure, which is a by-product of construction. The building construction industry is continuously booming. The building materials for construction plays a major role in any building construction. Any piece of infrastructure around us is undertaken by segments under Construction Industry. So, The need for a good hardware store in Oman is on all time high, where the gap is filled by Leading Hardware store supplyvan.com catering to businesses like factories, hotels, hospitals, workshops and similar such businesses in OMAN by supplying the best quality and low price generators, power tools, hand tools, safety equipment, hardware, electrical, fasteners, fabricating and welding machines, plumbing, adhesives, pipes and wide variety of industrial products by being a leading supplier in...
  • 'Beat the Heat' Campaign - 2018

    We started doing a "Beat the Heat" drive last year (which was technically our first year of going live). We did one such drive today where the motive is to distribute Caps, Drinks and Glucose biscuits to the workers and laborers working in the Dubai Deira Markets. Although there are other people who pass by as well and working in the heat, and we distribute drinks, biscuits, and caps to them as well. We work very closely with the Diera markets and Its not much that we do with this drive but whatever little that we can help on any day, we try. A very grateful Thank You to our Team members who volunteered for this event.
  • Why Countries Like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain need Online Hardware Store for power tools, Hand tools, safety, Electrical, Fabrication and machining equipments, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, office supplies

    Being a very successful e-commerce portal SupplyVan sells a wide range of products ranging from power tools, Hand tools, safety, Electricals, Fabrication and machining equipments, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, office supplies etc which are used in a day to day basis in many places like Industries, Factories, Workshops, offices, contracting works, the UAE based e-commerce aims at rapidly expanding its hold over the Middle East. SupplyVan is the only one stop shop for all overhaul(MRO products), Maintenance and repair tools and other hardware materials. [caption id="attachment_176" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Hardware Store in UAE Dubai[/caption] An online hardware store is a very important place to pick up your all essential hardware materials and machine tools. In Dubai and UAE the case is no different. SupplyVan is one such online portal where wholesale and retail sales are made possible. Being a very successful distributor of online hardware materials SupplyVan creates a favourable...
  • How a Punching Machine works!

  • Setting up an Online Vs. a Physical Store

    [caption id="attachment_104" align="aligncenter" width="600"] difference between setting up an online store vs a physical store[/caption] Making a choice between selling via traditional, physical, brick-&-mortar store, and offering products and services through an online, e-commerce store, is indeed difficult. However, whether you sell offline or online, it is your interaction with your customers, relationship with your partners/suppliers is all that eventually matters. Each have their own challenges, advantages and disadvantages. So, Online or Offline? How do you make a choice? Certainly, the cost-benefit analysis of the two, helps make your decision. At one hand online store is booming with a number of online shoppers growing at a faster rate, yet, on the other hand, a significant percentage of shoppers still prefer physical store shopping. It implies that both of these options do bear opportunities for businesses and retailers alike. Therefore, which one you choose is more based on the nature...
  • Beat the Heat Humanity Drive - SupplyVan.com

    Dubai is a beautiful city with beautiful people from around the world. Within this amazing city, there are those who work as laborers and helpers on the lower rung of the supply markets in various shops in areas like Deira and Nakheel delivering goods physically or using trolleys to customers in the sweltering hot summers.    We at SupplyVan.com conducted a Beat the Heat Humanity Drive today where we visited the streets of Deira Dubai markets and distributed Caps that they can wear to help them take the heat off their hard working heads. We also distributed Cold Juices and Glucose Biscuits. The response that we received from the hundreds of people in the markets was tremendous and encouraging. Our team was very proactive in distributing cold drinks and glucose biscuits to passers-by too.    We now stand encouraged to carry out such initiatives more often.
  • Open Work Spaces Vs. Closed Cabin Work Spaces

      To run any business progressively; efficient and well-organized delivery of work is extremely important. For that matter, working setup of the company holds a great deal of significance, as it facilitates smooth and competent work flow in future. Open work spaces and closed cabins are two major systems available to set up a working area. To understand the differences and advantages of both systems, here is a thorough analysis of the two. Open Office System Advantages                                                                 Improved Communication It's really easy to exchange ideas and mingle in such working spaces. Easy to Supervise Having all the employees under one roof in a wall free space becomes very easy for a supervisor to keep an eye on every employee. Such layouts are typically well suited for call centers and KPO's. Wall free spaces like the ones we see in KPO's and call centers are easier to...
  • "Goods that are Made in China are Fake"

    We sometimes get complaints from customers that the Branded and Original products that they have ordered from us at SupplyVan.com are fake as they are Made in China, irrespective of the Origin of the Brand. One such customer had left a review on our website which I addressed personally. Sharing the email below to put our customer's concerns at rest. Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX, Firstly, thank you for placing your orders with us and trusting us. Let me add that your trust in us is not misplaced. I am writing to you with regards to your review you left on our website SupplyVan.com with regards to your purchase of "Stanley Cordless Compact Hammer Drill" and understand that you feel cheated as the product is Made in China and that it is a fake product by virtue of its origin. Let me first...
  • Hand tools organisation in the work place

    Tools that we use on a daily basis in the work place or in our homes and garages can create hazards if not properly used or placed correctly after usage; when adequate precautions are not taken. In factories and industries, Personal protective equipment needs to be provided to the workers as they are always exposed to the hazards of splashing, falling, abrasive, and flying objects, or exposed to gases, vapors, mists, fumes, or dust while working with various power and hand tools. Also, workplaces need to ensure there are proper electrical connections. In those areas where temporary electrical connections are used, it is important to have a ground-fault circuit in place. At home, which is usually termed as a DIY Segment (Do-It-Yourself ), the same precautions of a workplace can apply which an individual needs to take under consideration. Employees need to be trained on various tools...
  • Importance of PPE in Industries and Factories

    For a safety program to be effective overall in the manufacturing workplace, it is important that personal protective equipment or PPE is used wisely. However, if history is anything to go by, then PPE has never been used as such. This has been the reason why accidents are common across workplaces. A lot of challenges are faced by product managers and manufacturing safety managers to remain complaint with PPE. However, their task is cut out because they also need to ensure workplace’s productivity and efficiency. This is where the challenge lies for the managers. No doubt, administrative controls and safety engineering can be made use of by manufacturers to prevent physical hazards, but in order to provide extra safety to workers and help prevent head, face, or eye injuries; it is safe work practices and PPE compliance that actually helps. A look at data on injuries suffered by...

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