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For Buyers


Q. How soon can I get my order?

A. We usually deliver within 2-7 working days.


Q. What if the order is not delivered within 2-7 working days?

A. We will contact you with a new dispatch time. At that point, if the new delivery time is acceptable to you, we will process the order or you can choose to cancel the order and get your money refunded in the mode of payment it was received. 


Q. Do we accept returns?

A. We aim to provide all the information you need in our listings so that you make an informed purchase. We accept returns if there is a Manufacturing defect with the product that we cannot fix under Warranty (if applicable) or replace. 


Q. What about Warranty?

A. Manufacturer Warranty applies as mentioned alongside each product. We will support your warranty claims with our sellers. 


For Sellers


Q. What are your charges to allow me to sell on SupplyVan?

A. None as of now. We have our margin on the products sold on the website. Please get in touch with your Vendor Signup team but clicking on "Sell on SupplyVan" link on the top of this page.


Q. Who is responsible for delivery?

A. We undertake delivery of items. 


Q. What about our payments?

A. Please contact our Vendor Signup Team to learn more about our payment cycles. 


We will update this page as and when we have more unique questions from our Buyers and Sellers.