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Weicon Silicone HT 300 Sealant, 13050085, 85ML

  • High temperature resistant
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WEICON HT 300 adhesive and sealant is red, high-temperature resistant (+300 Deg.C/+572 Deg.F), free of solvents, strong, and has acetatecross-linking properties. It is resistant to weathering, ageing and chemicals and is extremely elastic (breaking elongation of approx. 300%). HT 300 is particularly suitable for heat-exposed bonds and seals and adheres very well to steel, aluminium, glass, ceramics and many additional materials. HT 300 can be used in industrial furnaces, flue gas systems, heating installations, exhaust gas routing, heating cabinets and in many additional areas.
Surface pre-treatment:
  • The surfaces must be clean and free of grease. Many surface contaminants, e.g. oil, dust and dirt, can be removed with WEICON Surface Cleaner. For heavily soiled metal surfaces, we recommend WEICON Cleaner Spray S; WEICON Sealant and Adhesive Remover is suitable for removing old paint or adhesive residues. Most materials can be bonded well to themselves and among each other. For certain materials or extreme requirements, we recommend the use of an adhesion agent (primer). Detailed information on this subject is contained in the primer selection table. A mechanical surface pre-treatment, e.g. sanding or sandblasting, can considerably improve the adhesion.
  • Processing cartridge
  • Application methods: Hand cartridge gun for 310 ml cartridges, compressed air gun (we recommend a variation with piston rod), automatic dosing systems.
  • Processing tube
  • Squeeze out by hand, close tube again immediately after use, opened tubes should be used up as quickly as possible.
  • Joining the parts to be bonded
  • To ensure optimum wetting, the parts must be joined before the first skin has been formed on the adhesive (skin-over time).
  • Technical Data:
  • Base: 1 C.-Polysiloxane (Acetate)
  • Density: 1.18 g/cu.cm
  • Viscosity Adhesive: Pasty
  • Stability/Run-off (ASTM D 222): 1mm
  • Processing temperature: +5 to +35 Deg.C
  • Cure type: by humidity
  • Curing condition: +5 to +40 Deg.C and 30% to 95% rel. humidity
  • Skin-overtime: 8 min.
  • Curing speed ( first 24h): 2 -3mm
  • Volume change (DIN 52451): < -6%
  • Gap filling up to max.: 5mm
  • Gap width up to max.: 25mm
  • Shelf life (+5 Deg.C to +25 Deg.C / +41 Deg.F to +77 Deg.F): 12 months
  • Shore A hardness (DIN 5355 / ASTM D 224) +/- 5: 30
  • Elongation at break acc. to ISO 37, S3A: 300%
  • Tensile strength acc. to ISO 37, S3A: 2.5 N/sq.mm
  • Tension strength value at 100 % (ISO 37, S3A): 0.9 N/sq.mm
  • Movement capacity max.: 15%
  • Overpaintable (liquid paint): No
  • Building material category (DIN 412): B 2
  • Temperature resistance: -40 to +280 briefly (approx. 2 h) to +300 Deg.C
  • ISSA-Code: 75.634.20/21
  • IMPA-Code: 815282/83
  • Specifications
    Item NameSilicone HT 300 Sealant
    EAN Code4024596005047
    Storage Stability12 months
    Care InstructionsWhen unopened and stored at room temperature (+23 Deg.C and 50 % rel. humidity), WEICON elastic one-component adhesives and sealants have a shelf life of 12 months.
    Temperature Resistance-40 to 300 Deg.C
    Brand Origin (not manufacture)Germany
    Delivery Time2-7 Days
    Packing Quantity1
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