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Soldering Accessories and Tools
It’s known that electrical work requires a few tools to complete the job. Basic electrical tools like soldering and other accessories are widely available at the leading online hardware stores SupplyVan. If you purchase from here, you'll get longer life and better performance from higher-quality tools and they are insulated to help prevent shock hazards.
SupplyVan is here to make your work more fun, quick and as easy and simple as possible with the soldering accessories. SupplyVan has all what you're looking for. We have a wide range of collections in soldering equipment which includes-
1. Soldering irons
2. Desoldering pumps
3. Soldering flux
4. Solders
Soldering irons
Soldering irons are more convenient for both small projects that require a few solder joints as well as fast and easy storage. Desoldering pump
Kingtony markets is an extensive lineup of hand tools like socket, impact socket, tool trolley, tool chest, torque wrench, wrench, pliers, cutting and sawing, screwdriver, hex key, bits, hammer, striking tools, puller, riveter, measuring tool, work light, pneumatic tools, power tools and automotive tools.
• Anti-static solder desoldering pump
• Aluminum body
• Teflon suction head
Soldering flux
Terminator High Quality Soldering Past is a quality electrical product.

Solder Lead Wire Flux Covered Electrical Soldering is made with the highest quality materials and with the latest technology in manufacturing.
• Alloy: 60/40 tin
• Flux: 2.0 percent
Soldering Safety
There are some safety precautions you should follow with all electrical or mechanical devices, soldering stations and equipment. If not handled properly, the soldering iron and tip can reach high temperatures and chemicals can be hazardous.
• Keep it out of reach of children.
• It’s better to avoid having flammable material near the soldering station.
• Make sure that the hot iron or tip does not touch any electrical cords.
• Do not cool an iron by dipping it into any liquids or water.
• Prefer working in a ventilated area.
In order to provide the best contact connections, soldering equipment has been improved along with technology. is a one-stop-shop for all your Electrical Items fittings needs. We have in our store products like wires, soldering products, voice and data products, power connectors, electrical supplies, switchgears, universal socket, electrical box, waterproof conduit fittings, accessories and lots more. Check out our inventory to browse through the products you need as per your requirements. We even carry solar panels for those who want to go eco-friendly. In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to us at our support and we will make sure to answer your queries. We can be reached at +800 787759. Hurry up and order today for the best soldering from SupplyVan at the best price.