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Clips, Pins, and Rubber Bands

Clips, Pins, and Rubber Bands

Clips, Pins and Rubber Bands

Are you tired of messy papers, files all over the place? If so, then these office supplies are perfect for you. Organize your notes, and save time and energy from cleaning all the mess all the time. This stationery box set is an absolute must have for school and college students, home use, office staff, organization enthusiasts!

Push Pins
We have a wide range of pushpins which is perfect for decorating work spaces. They are usually made of steel, plastic and other high quality materials for long lasting durability. Push pins easily penetrates tough surfaces without bending. Excellent for holding papers to panel fabric. Wall Clips slide easily and securely into panel wall fabric.

Clips are basically used for holding papers and notes. SupplyVan has clips which are made of metal, plastic, nickel-plated steel and other high quality materials for long lasting durability and scratch resistance. We have wide range of styles available to meet job requirements. Clips helps to secures documents with extra-strong holding power and without tearing or discolouring papers and it has easy release mechanism. It’s suitable for everyday office, home or school needs.

Rubber Bands
Rubber bands are used for everyday office and residential uses. They are made of rubber for strength and long lasting durability. Variety of types and sizes available to meet job requirements. Available in a variety of types to meet application needs. Available in different colours as well.
Nailing usually have the chances of losing the attraction on a furnished place and if you are bored of that pale looking nails then we have something great for you. SupplyVan has German Decorative Nail which is a trending product that can be used to attain the purpose of a nail as well as attraction. It has some great features:
• The Size of the head is 12 mm and is made of pure brass.
• The Star type design is polished with brass too
• A pack contains 10 pieces.
These office supplies are made from high quality materials so that it last for the many years to come. They have strong spring mechanisms and elastic nature! Being reusable, all of the clips, bands and pins can be used again and again! Become the office’s favorite person with this stationery box set! Help your colleagues at work, your kids with their homework, and yourself of course.

What are you thinking for? Order today and buy it from the best seller in Dubai at the lowest price. SupplyVan is your one-stop shop for your needs.